Logitech iFeel

The download page for the iFeel mouse claims that you need the original install disk with MouseWare 9.41.1F, TouchWare Desktop 2.5, and TouchWare Business 1.0 to use the iFeel or iFeel MouseMan with force-feedback. This isn't true, as the later versions of MouseWare also support these mouses and you can download the other software from Immersion (the manufacturers of TouchWare).

Here's how to get your Logitech iFeel mouse working in XP:

  1. Download the newest TouchWare software from Immersion. Currently this is TouchWare Desktop 2.9 and TouchWare Business 1.0. Note that you need to right-click the links and download them. Just clicking the download links opened them in my browser, which doesn't work.
  2. Download MouseWare 9.80 from Logitech (or ftp.logitec.com). MouseWare 9.80 is the last made by Logitech as they now use SetPoint instead. 9.80 has a few improved features over 9.79, but they didn't want to test it on the older models, so that's why it claims to only be for the MX510 (the last mouse model to use MouseWare).
  3. If you already have SetPoint installed (for other Logitech devices), first remove the entry from the Windows Registry that tells MouseWare that a newer version is already installed (SetPoint claims to be MouseWare 12 in the registry) and you can have MouseWare and SetPoint co-exist nicely. The entry to remove or rename is '''HKLM\SOFTWARE\Logitech\MouseWare\CurrentVersion\Setup\ProductID'''. Use regedit to remove or rename that entry, or run MouseWare_clear_version.reg.
  4. Install MouseWare 9.80 (this step might not be needed, but that's how I did it)
  5. Install Immersion TouchWare Desktop 2.9
  6. Install Immersion TouchWare Business 1.0
  7. Re-install MouseWare 9.80
  8. Reboot

I found these older instructions useful as well, but I didn't need the manual driver install step. They note that MouseWare may still not show the thumb button on the iFeel MouseMan model, but it will still send the normal mouse4 event.

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