Microswitch Problems

Symptom: Mouse clicks are registered as double-clicks and/or click-dragging releases before button is released.

Problem: Sounds like either the microswitch is faulty or the plastic that touches it has worn down a bit.

The microswitch wearing-out is a common problem on every brand of mouse I've ever owned.

Try it on another PC to make sure it is the mouse that is the problem (not your PC for some reason). If the problem is the same on the other PC, get the mouse replaced or fix it yourself.

Less than 30 days since purchase, you need to exchange it where you got it.
After 30 days, you would be covered under the 3 or 5 year warranty from Logitech. RMA info.

Here's some options if you want to repair it (voids any remaining warranty):

  1. You may be able to bend the metal spring back into a shape that will work. See these instructions.
  2. Any standard '''Omron D2F''' series or compatible microswitch can be used if you want to do some soldering. Digikey.com and Newark.com sell them, or you can salvage a less-worn microswitch from another dead mouse. See this thread on the Logitech Forums for more info on part numbers, etc.
  3. After you get it fixed, don't press hard on the buttons (it wears them out faster).

ALSO: if you look very closely at the solder joint, there may simply be a crack in the joint caused by pressure on the switch separating it from the board. Just re-solder the joint and it will work properly, i've had this happen on several mice

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