Logitech Wireless Protocols

Logitech's current wireless keyboards and mice run on one of four wireless protocols:

  • The proprietary 27 MHz "FastRF" protocol
  • A proprietary 2.4 GHz wireless protocol (mostly mice, very few keyboards), I'll label this "2.4 GHz Old"
  • The standard 2.4 GHz Bluetooth protocol
  • A proprietary 2.4 GHz "Unifying" wireless protocol (not compatible with any of the above)

Logitech wireless keyboards often come in a set with a mouse and a receiver they both use: a dual-channel FastRF receiver, a Bluetooth receiver, a 2.4 GHz Old receiver, or a Unifying receiver.

Logitech wireless mice sold outside of a set come with a single-channel (mouse-only) FastRF receiver, a proprietary 2.4 GHz receiver (either 2.4 GHz Old mouse-only or 2.4 GHz Unifying), or no receiver if they use Bluetooth (the V270 Bluetooth mouse).

You can swap-out the mouse on a FastRF keyboard for another FastRF mouse (using the receiver that came with the keyboard), but you can't swap for a 2.4GHz mouse or use the receiver that comes with any (non-Unifying) mouse to run a keyboard.

Some examples:

  • An S510 keyboard comes with an LX5 mouse, which can be switched for a MediaPlay mouse (using the receiver that came with the keyboard)l. The left-over LX5 can be used on another PC with the left-over receiver that came with the MediaPlay.
  • The MX Revolution uses the 2.4 GHz Old protocol and its receiver can't see a MX3100 (FastRF) keyboard.
  • Similarly, the MX3100's dual-channel FastRF receiver can't see the 2.4 GHz Old MX Revolution.
  • You can of course use both receivers in the same system and use the MX Revolution with the MX3100 that way.

Which Devices are Interchangeable

There is an out-dated table in the Logitech Support Database: Matrix of Compatibilities, Channels, and Frequencies for Legacy Logitech Cordless Devices.

27 MHz FastRF mice (interchangeable):

  • Cordless Click! mouse
  • Cordless Click! Plus mouse (comes with the diNovo Cordless Desktop (FastRF) and several other combos, or sold separately)
  • Cordless Mini Optical Mouse
  • Cordless Mouse for Notebooks
  • Cordless Optical Mouse (not sure of the exact model number)
  • LX5 (comes with a keyboard/remote/mouse mini receiver with the S510 Remote and keyboard set, or a keyboard/mouse corded receiver with the S510 non-remote set)
  • LX7 Laser (comes with a keyboard/remote mini receiver with the LX710 keyboard set)
  • LX7 Optical
  • LX8 Cordless Laser Mouse
  • MediaPlay (comes with a mouse-only mini receiver)
  • MK300 wireless mouse (comes in MK300 keyboard/mouse set)
  • MX600 (comes with a keyboard/mouse corded receiver with the MX3000 Laser keyboard set, or a mouse-only mini receiver outside of the set)
  • MX700 (note that the receiver that comes with the MX700 mouse isn't supported by the SetPoint driver, but the MX700 mouse on a newer FastRF receiver is supported by SetPoint)
  • MX1000 (but it's receiver is inside the charging cradle, so you don't gain much by using it with a keyboard's receiver since you still need the cradle to charge the mouse)
  • NX80
  • RX650 Cordless Optical
  • V220 Cordless Optical Mouse, first version (note that current revisions of this model use 2.4GHz)

27 MHz non-FastRF trackballs (not interchangeable with above, uses an older protocol):

  • Cordless Optical TrackMan
  • Cordless TrackMan Wheel

27 MHz FastRF keyboards (interchangeable):

  • Access Keyboard?
  • Cordless Desktop
  • Comfort Laser?
  • diNovo Cordless Desktop
  • EasyCall Keyboard with receiver in the corded EasyCall Speakerphone
  • EX90 Cordless Internet Pro Desktop?
  • EX100 Cordless Desktop EX?
  • EX110?
  • Internet Cordless Desktop (OEM Internet 1500 Laser Cordless Desktop, OEM Internet 350 USB Desktop)?
  • LX300
  • LX500/LX501
  • LX700/MX3100 (same keyboard)
  • LX710
  • Media Keyboard 600?
  • MK300
  • MX3000
  • MX3200
  • Numeric Pad/V250
  • S510/S510 Media Remote (tested, this is what I use)
  • S520
  • UltraX Media Desktop?
  • Wave Cordless Keyboard?

2.4 GHz Old (non-Bluetooth, non-Unifying) mice and keyboards (not interchangeable with each other very well, and none work with the FastRF, Bluetooth, or Unifying receivers):

  • G7 Cordless Laser Mouse
  • MX Air
  • MX Revolution
  • VX Revolution
  • VX Nano
  • MX610
  • MX610 Left-handed
  • MX620
  • V220 current version (including MDN BLU 910-000557)
  • V200
  • V320
  • V400
  • V450
  • V500
  • Pro 2400 Cordless Desktop keyboard

2.4 GHz Bluetooth mice (interchangeable with each other and can use other Bluetooth receivers):

  • Dell BT Travel Mouse by Logitech
  • Dell BT/XPS M2010 Mouse by Logitech
  • Bluetooth Mouse M555b
  • MX900
  • MX1000 Bluetooth (only comes with some of the Bluetooth keyboard sets)
  • V270
  • V470

2.4 GHz Bluetooth keyboards:

  • Cordless Desktop MX for Bluetooth
  • Dell BT keyboard by Logitech
  • diNovo Edge
  • diNovo Media Desktop (1.0)
  • diNovo Media Desktop Laser
  • diNovo Mini
  • MX5000
  • MX5500

2.4 GHz Unifying devices:

  • Anywhere Mouse MX
  • Performance Mouse MX
  • Marathon Mouse M705
  • Wireless Mouse M505/B605
  • Wireless Keyboard K340
  • Wave Keyboard K350
  • Number Pad N305/B505
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