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I just installed SetPoint version 3.10 or newer, and my device shows a generic image, like this:


When you installed SetPoint (3.10 or newer), it should have prompted you for one or more "Updates" (to install the images for your specific devices). If you canceled those updates, SetPoint may ask you again the next time you start SetPoint. Either let SetPoint check for and get those updates, or just download and run the needed updates from this page.

Devices supported by SetPoint and the needed image update (as-of SetPoint 6.32, URLs checked on 02-Jan-2012):

2000038 Access Keyboard

2000051 Comfort Keyboard
200000f Cordless Desktop
2000039 Cordless Desktop EX (EX100)
2000029 Cordless Elite (Bluetooth)

2000034 Cordless Keyboard (Cordless Internet Pro Desktop, EX90)
200002f Cordless Ultra-Flat, diNovo (FastRF)
2000050 Dell BT Keyboard
2000027 diNovo (Bluetooth)
2000056 diNovo Edge (Bluetooth)

200003b diNovo Media Laser (Bluetooth)
2000057 EasyCall Keyboard
2000031 EX110 Series Keyboard (EX110, LX310 Laser Desktop)
2000052 Internet Cordless Desktop (OEM Internet 1500 Laser Cordless Desktop, OEM Internet 350 USB Keyboard)

200002b LX300 Keyboard (FastRF Aries)
200002a LX500/LX501 Keyboard
200002d LX700/MX3000 Keyboard
2000054 LX710 Keyboard
200002c Media Keyboard (corded PS/2 Aries:Back, Forward, Search)

200004c Media Keyboard (corded PS/2 EX110)
2000058 Media Keyboard 600 (Access Keyboard 600)
2000033 Media Keyboard Elite (corded USB Aries:Zoom In, Out, Reset)
2000037 Media Remote

2000028 MediaPad (Bluetooth)
200003c MediaPad Laser (Bluetooth)
2000035 MX3000 Laser Keyboard
2000055 MX3200 Keyboard
200003a MX5000 Keyboard (Bluetooth)

200004e Navigator Keyboard
200002e Numeric Pad, MediaPad (FastRF)
200004d Office Pro Keyboard
2000036 S510 Keyboard

2000032 UltraX Media Desktop
1000016 Cordless Click! (no tilt)
1000017 Cordless Click! (no tilt)
100003c Cordless Click! (tilt)
100003d Cordless Click! (tilt)

1000046 Cordless Click! Plus (no tilt)
1000047 Cordless Click! Plus (no tilt?)
1000038 Cordless Click! Plus (tilt)
1000039 Cordless Click! Plus (tilt?)

100003a Cordless Click! Plus (tilt?)
100003b Cordless Click! Plus (tilt?)
1000043 Cordless Click! Plus OEM (tilt, no 6)
1000044 Cordless Click! Plus OEM (tilt, no 6)
1000049 Cordless Mini Optical Mouse

100001f Cordless Mouse for Notebooks
1000020 Cordless Mouse for Notebooks
100003e Cordless Optical
100003f Cordless Optical

1000071 Cordless Optical TrackMan
1000073 Cordless TrackMan Wheel
1000065 Dell BT/XPS M2010 Mouse
1000074 diNovo Edge (Bluetooth touchdisc)
100005e G1 Optical Mouse

1000067 G3 Laser Mouse
1000045 G3/MX518 Optical Mouse
1000053 G5 Laser Mouse
1000054 G7 Cordless Laser Mouse

1000060 LX3 Optical Mouse
1000051 LX5 Cordless Optical Mouse
100006f LX7 Cordless Laser Mouse
100004b LX7 Cordless Optical Mouse
1000070 Marble Mouse

1000041 MediaPlay Cordless Mouse
100006d MX Revolution
1000058 MX1000 for Bluetooth
1000040 MX1000 Laser Mouse
10000a0 Anywhere Mouse MX Unifying Cordless Laser mouse

1000059 MX310
100006a MX320/RX1000 Laser Mouse
100005f MX400 Laser Mouse
1000069 MX510
1000052 MX600 Cordless Laser Mouse

100006e MX600 Cordless Laser Mouse Mk2
1000055 MX610 Laser Cordless Mouse
100005d MX610 Left-Handed Mouse
100000f MX700 Cordless Optical Mouse

1000010 MX700 Cordless Optical Mouse
1000037 MX900 (Bluetooth)
1000062 Optical Tilt-Wheel Mouse
1000064 Optical Tilt-Wheel Mouse
1000057 Optical Wheel Mouse

100004f Optical Wheel Mouse (HP OEM USB with wheel)
1000050 Optical Workstation Mouse
100004e Optical Workstation Mouse (HP OEM corded USB no wheel)
100001a Performance Mouse MX
100004a RX300

1000072 TrackMan Wheel
100005a UltraX Optical Mouse
100005b UltraX Optical Mouse
1000061 USB Optical Wheel Mouse
1000063 V100 Corded Mouse/V150 Laser Corded Mouse

1000048 V200 Cordless Mouse
100005c V270 Bluetooth Mouse
1000056 V400 Laser Cordless Mouse
1000068 V450 Laser Cordless Mouse

1000042 V500 Cordless Mouse
100006b VX Revolution
100004c Wheel Mouse
100004d Workstation Mouse

:Note: For SetPoint 4.x, change the URL to devices/1/XXXXXXX.exe, instead of /2/

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