Stuck Modifiers

Problem: When using Keystrokes with modifiers (Ctrl+W, Alt+F4, etc.), the modifier is often left stuck down until you press and release the real modifier key (I.E. Ctrl is stuck until you toggle the Ctrl key).

The problem happens when SetPoint sends the first part of a keystroke (Alt key down, F4 key down) and then doesn't send the rest of the keystroke (F4 key up, Alt key up) leaving the computer thinking the modifier(s) are still being held down. One way this can happen is if you have a button set to close a window in a button profile, such as:

In All Other Programs profile: Button X sends Mouse: 3. Middle Button

In Firefox.exe profile: Button X sends Keystroke: Ctrl+W

When closing the last tab (and thus the entire window), only Ctrl key down and W key down will be sent before Firefox.exe closes. Since Firefox.exe is no-longer the active window, the Ctrl key up event is never sent, so the Ctrl key is left virtually stuck down.

Solution: This is a long-standing problem with SetPoint's KeystrokeAssignment handler, especially when used with application-specific button profiles. There are a few possible workarounds.

1. Don't use Keystrokes with modifiers. Trigger an SetPoint.AutoHotkey AutoHotkey macro, bind a normal key if possible, or use one of the built-in SetPoint functions instead. For Alt+F4, use Keys:Close (Alt+F4) in SetPoint, etc.

2. Use the **Keys: 2 Keystrokes function** (added by uberOptions) and set the 2nd keystroke box to just send the modifier key(s). So, Keystroke 1: Alt+F4, Keystroke 2: Alt+ (I'm not sure if this really helps or not).

3. Use SetPoint's KeyStroke handler instead of the KeystrokeAssignment handler (this takes manual editing of your settings file).
For instance:

  1. Set a button to Keys:Close (Alt+F4) in SetPoint
  2. Close SetPoint from the System Tray
  3. Edit your setting file (in notepad.exe or the like). Start->Run->%25userprofile%25\Application Data\Logitech\SetPoint and then edit the user.xml file in that folder (see below).
  4. Restart c:\Program Files\Logitech\SetPoint\SetPoint.exe or reboot

For Ctrl+W, change:

                     <Handler Class="KeyStroke">
                        <Param KeyName="%{F4}"/>

                     <Handler Class="KeyStroke">
                        <Param KeyName="^w"/>

The modifiers are:
^    ctrl
+    shift
*    win
%    alt

Some extended keys are:
*~ (Enter)
*{F1-F16} works (F17-F24 don't work, have to use the KeystrokeAssignment handler instead)

So, Ctrl+Shift+Win+Alt+Enter is KeyName="^+*%~" and Win+Q is KeyName="*q"

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