Setpoint Volume Control

Problem: I use SetPoint on Windows Vista and my keyboard's volume controls don't work

Solution: Install a newer SetPoint version. I think this was corrected in SetPoint 3.30. Old workaround listed below:

This is a problem with SetPoint and Vista's new per-application volume control. If you turn on application compatibility for a program the program will then control the master volume (as it does in XP) rather than the program's individual volume.

So, you just need to "turn on application compatibility" for SetPoint.exe:

  1. Open C:\Program Files\SetPoint
  2. Right click on "SetPoint.exe" (this will just be "SetPoint" for some users, with a mouse/keyboard icon) and select "Properties"
  3. Click the "Compatibility" tab and check the box by "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" and choose '''Windows XP (Service Pack 2)'''
  4. Click OK

Problem: My keyboard's volume controls change the wrong settings (wrong soundcard, WAVE vs. MASTER control, etc.)

Solution 1: Use Volume Tracker (free util). Description from the author's page:
->Great for systems using Digital Audio Out, such as SP-DIF. With Digital Audio output, only the wave volume effects the output level, not the master volume. Yet multimedia keyboards and remote controls only adjust the master volume. This app tracks the wave volume to the master volume by monitoring changes to the mixer control. Works on 2000, XP and Windows Media Center.

Solution 2: You can set the volume controls to send a keystroke instead, then use an AutoHotkey macro to change the volume how you want.

Here's the steps:

  1. Install uberOptions
  2. Set your volume buttons to Keys:F13 (for volume up), Keys:F14 (for volume down), and Keys:F15 (for mute)
  3. Install AutoHotkey
  4. uberOptions 3.1.9+ includes an example macro in the uberOptions install folder (usually C:\Program Files\Logitech\SetPoint\uberOptions\Volume_macros.ahk) to respond to F13, F14, and F15 and change volume with an on-screen indicator. Customize the Volume_macros.ahk macro script to use the settings you need (it defaults to changing the WAVE volume on the first audio device).
  5. Run Volume_macros.ahk and try out your buttons. Note that Volume_macros.ahk must be running all the time for the buttons to work, so add a link to it in your Start->Programs->Startup folder. It takes about 4MB of system memory.
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