Setpoint Win7moveprogram

I am an avid dual screen user and I find myself moving programs from one monitor to the other a lot. Back then with Windows XP, there were programs that help me manage multiple desktops/monitors. However, I can't find such a program for Windows 7. Recently I found a shortcut (Win + Shift + Left/Right) That can shift the program window from one screen to another. How do I set a button in SetPoint to do this?

SetPoint can't send Win+Shift+Left directly: it is a technical limitation of SetPoint. SetPoint won't send Shift+Left (or Right) at all. The problem is that SetPoint's {LEFT} command doesn't send the Left Arrow keystroke, it sends Shift+NumPad4, which works for sending a Left Arrow by itself, but doesn't work for this since it tries to send Win+Shift+Shift+NumPad4 which doesn't work.

A workaround is possible by using an AutoHotkey macro to send the Win+Shift+Left keystroke:
1. Set the button in SetPoint to other-> Keys: F13
2. Install AutoHotkey from
3. Paste this in a new text file in notepad:
4. Save it as map_f13_to_winshiftleft.ahk and run it

You would need to put a shortcut to the .ahk (or the file itself) in your startup folder if you always want it on.

Similar setup for Right too.

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