uberOptions Change Log

uberOptions Updates:

4.80.5 14-Oct-2009: Added Wave K350 Unifying Cordless keyboard 16-Sep-2009: Fixed installer for Dell BT keyboard
4.80.4 14-Sep-2009: Added Wireless Keyboard MK300; Added functions: AltPrintScreenKey, KeyWinShift1, KeyWinShift2, KeyWinShift3, KeyWinShift4, KeyWinShift5, KeyWinShift6, KeyWinShift7, KeyWinShift8, KeyWinShift9, KeyWinShift0, KeyWinCtrl1, KeyWinCtrl2, KeyWinCtrl3, KeyWinCtrl4, KeyWinCtrl5, KeyWinCtrl6, KeyWinCtrl7, KeyWinCtrl8, KeyWinCtrl9, KeyWinCtrl0, KeyWinAlt1, KeyWinAlt2, KeyWinAlt3, KeyWinAlt4, KeyWinAlt5, KeyWinAlt6, KeyWinAlt7, KeyWinAlt8, KeyWinAlt9, KeyWinAlt0, KeyWinP, KeyWinT, KeyWinShiftT, KeyWinCtrlF, KeyWinCtrlB, KeyWinS, KeyWinUp, KeyWinDown, KeyWinLeft, KeyWinRight, KeyWinHome
4.80.3 09-Sep-2009: Added RX1500, V550 Nano
4.80.2 07-Sep-2009: Added LS1, Anywhere Mouse MX
4.80.1 07-Sep-2009: Full SetPoint 4.80 support (new functions EjectLongDelay, PanAndZoom, PanZoom, VOLUMEMUTE NoOSD, DPISwitch; slight changes in Numeric Pad, diNovo Mini, Wave 2.4, Pro 2000/2800 Keyboard, Wave 2.4, Illuminated Keyboard, diNovo Keyboard for Notebooks, MX1100); Re-did button images for diNovo Mini keyboard; Fixed uninstaller for S520 keyboard; Added Performance Mouse MX, M205, M500; Added "Keys:Win7 Magnifier Open/Zoom In (Win+[=], Repeating)", "Keys:Win7 Magnifier Zoom Out (Win+[-], Repeating)", "Keys:Win7 Magnifier Close (Win+Esc)" functions (as requested by J. Evans Turner); Edited Richard's defaults (Sims3 instead of Sims2, added firefox over vncviewer); New homepage is http://uberoptions.net
4.60.9 12-Apr-2009: Added Pro 2800 Cordless keyboard (thanks to Christian Reuter for testing)
4.60.8 09-Mar-2009: Added Standby button on diNovo Cordless/Media/Laser keyboards; added NX80 mouse; renamed "Reassign set" to "Other: Unassigned (open settings)", "Reassign set Select Task Focus" to "Other: Unassigned (open settings and focus)"
4.60.7 31-Jan-2009: Removed DPIIncreaseButtonNo="9" DPIDecreaseButtonNo="10" from MX1100 mouse to allow the +/- buttons do other functions
4.60.6 13-Jan-2009: Added Google Scholar search to the Apps: One-Touch Search function.
4.60.5 14-Dec-2008: Added V450 Nano mouse
4.60.4 02-Dec-2008: Added diNovo Keyboard for Notebooks
4.60.3b6 11-Nov-2008: Added S520 Keyboard
4.60.3b5 05-Oct-2008: Re-did button images for Comfort keyboard and diNovo Mini keyboard; changed keyboard menu keys to AppMenuKey instead of RightClick; added Illuminated Keyboard (Thanks to Russ Gonsalves for testing)
4.60.3b4 03-Oct-2008: Added Optical Tilt-Wheel Mouse (Thanks to Brandon Waterloo for testing); fixed some button12 defaults that still had AppOverrides. Simplified the installer a bit; added exefile.exe (EVE Online), sins of a solar empire.exe, for Richard's defaults; disabled the non-editable Calculator button on MX5000 keyboard
4.60.3b3 26-Sep-2008: Added LX5 Cordless Laser Mouse, MX1100 Cordless Laser mouse (Thanks to Michael Andersson for testing), disabled the non-editable Calculator button on MX5500 keyboard, added no AppOverride versions of all keyboards with forward/back buttons, updated installer to NSIS 2.39. Added LShift, LCtrl, and LAlt functions. Added Wave 2.4 keyboard (thanks to Kenny Madrid for testing).
4.60.2 03-Sep-2008: Fixed button12 version of Dell BT/XPS M2010 Mouse. Added Dell BT Travel Mouse (thanks to Hernan Arroyo Garcia for testing).
4.60.1 27-Aug-2008: Full SetPoint 4.60 support (slight changes to G3, G5, G5 2007, G7, MX518, diNovo Edge touchpad, diNovo Mini, Marble Mouse, MediaPad, MediaPad Laser, V450, new functions for MX1100 mouse). Added RX650 (thanks to Dag Hovland for testing).
4.40.5 18-Aug-2008: Added LX6 (thanks to Kumaran for testing), included RemapFKeys.ahk example for switching Fn key via F13-F24
4.40.4 14-Apr-2008: Added Pro 2400 Cordless keyboard (thanks to Dragan for testing), V470 Bluetooth mouse (thanks to Mike Tom for testing), V320 mouse (not tested), Cordless Optical (Addax V) mouse (thanks to Ivan Novacic for testing), diNovo Mini Bluetooth keyboard w/touchdisc (thanks to Peter Easton for testing), and "Keys:Print Screen key" function (as requested by Jerseydevil); removed the rest of the default button profiles for the MX Revolution no-profiles defaults.
4.40.3 10-Feb-2008: Added Keys: Ctrl Right, Shift Right, Alt Right, Application Menu key, Windows Right, Windows Left
4.40.2 10-Feb-2008: Added MX5500 and MX Revolution Bluetooth
4.40.1 03-Feb-2008: Full SetPoint 4.40 support (slight changes to MX518 2007, Media Keyboard Elite, MX5000, Dell BT Keyboard, MX3200, Wave Cordless/Corded)
4.24.1 24-Jan-2008: Homepage URL changed
4.00.6 09-Dec-2007: Added Numeric Pad (Cordless FastRF diNovo set or V250, thanks to Rex Chang for testing), Dell Bluetooth keyboard (Thanks to Karl W. Myers for testing), V220 mouse (thanks to Stefan Kuna for testing); re-compressed button images with solid backgrounds and 256 colors
4.00.5 15-Oct-2007: Added Wave corded and cordless keyboard models (thanks to Fabian Perry and Craig Monett for testing); added Media Keyboard 600/600 mk2 keyboards (thanks to Joe for testing); added LX7 mk2 mouse; added LX8/LX8 mk2 mouses (thanks to Craig Monett for testing); changed Richard's defaults on Media Play to include Oblivion; added "Mouse:Zoom In (Repeating)" and "Mouse:Zoom Out (Repeating)" per Patrick Tisdale's request; added MX518 2007 (thanks to BlackLeaf for testing) 02-Oct-2007: Add "Other: Generic Button" to the Wheel options (might fix problem in Illustrator) 20-Sep-2007: Fix Office Pro
4.00.4 19-Sep-2007: Added Ofice Pro corded keyboard (thanks to LRN for testing) 14-Sep-2007: Fixed RX1000/RX320 mouse settings (thanks to engle for testing) 02-Sep-2007: Renamed "MX Rev:Shift Scroll Modes" to "MicroGear:Shift Scroll Modes" as it is used by both the MX Revolution and the VX Nano.
4.00.3 01-Sep-2007: Added VX Nano (thanks to Larry for testing); added VX Revolution mk2
4.00.2 30-Aug-2007: Added Internet 1500 Cordless/Internet 350 Corded keyboard (thanks to Bob Porthos for testing); added Standby and Calculator buttons on MX5000 keyboard (thanks to Patrick Doyon for testing)
4.00.1 20-Aug-2007: Full SetPoint 4.00 support (adds a few "MX Rev:" options, "Gadgets" option, abd "MX Air:Recenter" option; adds more virtual buttons to V450, VX Revolution; changes speed of diNovo Edge touchdisc from 50 to 70, accel 1 to 2; changes G3 to not have an AddGame button); Added MX Air Cordless Laser/Motion mouse (thanks to Owen Cyrulnik for testing); renamed "Stromboli:" functions to "MX Air:" 09-Aug-2007: Added MX620 Cordless Laser mouse (thanks to Nikhita Anupama for testing)
3.30.6 17-Jul-2007: Added Navigator keyboard (not tested) 21-May-2007: Fixed typo in 2000055.xml that made the 100% button image not show on the MX3200 keyboard (thanks to Bruno for the bug report) 14-May-2007: Added Wikipedia Go and Search options to the Apps:One-Touch Search Adv function. 13-May-2007: Fixed duplicate "Apps:Picture Search" entry - relabeled one "Apps:Photo Gallery" (thanks to Zhaobo Lee for pointing it out)
3.30.5 27-Apr-2007: Try to fix G5 2007 game-mode +/-; Enabled editing of Standby key on S-510 keyboard, zoom holds on S-510 Remote
3.30.4 30-Mar-2007: Added G5 Laser Mouse 2007 (with forward button); added dogpile.com and answers.com to Apps: One-Touch Search Adv.
3.30.3 22-Mar-2007: Added Star Wars Galaxies to app-overrides in Richard's defaults on MediaPlay mouse; added "1000040 kerry.xml" settings file for MX1000 (has right mouse button set to DoubleClick and left mouse button still works everywhere)
3.30.2 13-Mar-2007: Fixed installer for Cordless Click! Plus Optical (with or without Tilt) models (wasn't finding images correctly, thanks to JVS for reporting the bug)
3.30.1 08-Mar-2007: Added Dell XPS M2021 BT mouse; Added Dictionary.com and Thesaurus.com to "Apps: One-Touch Search"; Added Win+Space,X,U,G,0-9 functions; Fixed installer for SetPoint 2.22-2.15 on Windows x64 (installer already worked on SetPoint 3.30 on x64); Changed Richard's defaults for LX5 and V500 (tilts are scroll and change tabs in Firefox)
3.30b3 04-Feb-2007: Fixed uninstaller
3.30b2 03-Feb-2007: SetPoint 3.30 full support
3.30b 02-Feb-2007: SetPoint 3.30 preliminary support
3.15.2 internal only: Added Comfort Keyboard (needs testing); removed unneeded 10/12 button image from MX Revolution Richard's settings
3.15.1 27-Dec-2006: Added "Keys: Num Lock" function (by request of DoubleD)
3.15.0 17-Dec-2006: Added LX710 keyboard (thanks to Geir Smestad for testing)
3.1.9 12-Dec-2006: Added diNovo Edge keyboard/touchpad (thanks to Eric Gandt for testing), EasyCall keyboard and speakerphone (thanks to Joseph Steinberg for testing), proper Windows x64 detection (thanks to Eric Gandt for testing); re-packed PNG image files with PNGOut; added Keys:Keystroke preceded by Left/Right/Middle Click (as requested by EuG) 10-Nov-2006: Updated to NSIS v. 2.21; fixed "Editable B1 & B2" settings on MX400 to actually work (thanks to mtb845 for testing)
3.1.8 08-Nov-2006: Added Access keyboard; enabled editing of mouse wheel (set to Scroll, Zoom, Up/Down Arrows, or Do Nothing)
3.1.7 05-Nov-2006: Added "Keys:Scroll Lock" and "Keys:Application Menu (Shift+F10)" functions
3.1.6 21-Oct-2006: Added configuration of the Zoom Bar on the MX3200 Keyboard (thanks to Andy Swingler for testing), also added to Cordless Elite, LX500, LX700, MX3000 Laser, and Media Remote. Renamed some functions for better understanding.
3.1.5 05-Oct-2006: Added UltraX Media Cordless keyboard and UltraX Optical corded mouse (thanks to Mike Szymonik for testing)
3.1.4 01-Oct-2006: Added MX3200 keyboard (thanks to Ed Hipolito for testing)
3.1.3 01-Oct-2006: Fix MX600 Laser Mk2 mouse
3.1.2 28-Sep-2006: Added Keys:Win+Ctrl+Tab function (for Windows Vista's Flip3D function, for RyanDinan)
3.1.1 24-Sep-2006: Added MX600 Laser Mk2, a bunch of 3-button mouses, Marble Mouse, Cordless Optical TrackMan, TrackMan Wheel, Cordless TrackMan Wheel, renamed RX1000 to MX320/RX1000
3.1 22-Sep-2006: Added support for SetPoint 3.1.116; enabled Orientation Settings on all pointing devices
3.01 20-Sep-2006: Added SensitivityToggle function (used by G3 and RX1000, not sure if any others can use it)
3.00 18-Sep-2006: Added LX7 Laser mouse; added all the new SetPoint 3 functions
2.95 15-Sep-2006: Improved RX Revolution mouse support; corrected images on Richard's MX518 defaults.
2.94 27-Aug-2006: Added MX Revolution and VX Revolution mouses
2.93 13-Aug-2006: Added V100/V150, V450, G1, G3, LX3, and RX1000 mice.
2.92 21-Jul-2006: Fixed uninstall to remove left-over files; changed the " ü" in device names to " uber" to fix language problems.
2.91 02-Jul-2006: Added Cordless Desktop keyboard and Cordless Mouse set support (requested by Jim Bob); added " ü" to all modified device names to make it easy to tell which devices are modded
2.9 23-Jun-2006: Quick fix to work with SetPoint 3.0, still need to add a bunch of new functions and models
2.613 14-Jun-2006: Added "Keys:Win+Tab" function (requested by GILF)
2.612 07-Jun-2006: Added MX400 Laser Mouse
2.611 30-May-2006: Added "Keys:2 Keystrokes" function since I just noticed Logitech changed the UI to be able to set two keystrokes at once.
2.61 29-May-2006: Disabled functions on buttons 1 & 2 by default so that they work in the Windows Security and Fast User Switch windows; added "Editable B1 & B2, No AppOverrides" defaults. Changed homepage to http://www.ida.net/users/oe1k/uberOptions
2.603 14-May-2006: Fixed MX610 Left-Handed mouse buttons to match SetPoint 2.60 build 606
2.602 21-Apr-2006: Added MX610 Left-Handed mouse, removed MX600 Amnesia junk (instead use the Logitech Connect util to re-sync if your MX600 is not detected)
2.601 16-Apr-2006: SetPoint 2.60 update: MX510 added, slight changes to default.xml and add MacroMedia macro to most devices. Also added "Keys:Select All (Ctrl+A)" as requested by ryansebiz. Added richard's defaults for V400 mouse; added Sims2ep3.exe to richard's defaults.
2.30 02-Mar-2006: Added Keys:Win+F11 and Keys:Win+F12 functions (for use with http://www.ntwind.com/taskswitchxp)
2.29 11-Feb-2006: Added Media Keyboard (PS/2 corded EX110) (thanks to Rupert for testing)
2.281 10-Feb-2006: Fixed problem with Cordless Click! installation (thanks to Kanti)
2.28 03-Feb-2006: Added hold tilt left/right for scroll on Richard's defaults for Cordless Click! and Click! Plus mouses with tilt wheels (just pressing tilt switches tabs vis Ctrl+Tab/Ctrl+Shift+Tab)
2.27 14-Jan-2006: Slight fixes, added Richard's defaults for PS/2 Wheel Mouse, S510 keyboard and Media Remote, LX5 Optical Mouse
2.26 06-Jan-2006: (Hi from CES 2006) MX600 is Laser not Optical, F17 runs Shift+Left Click immediately macro
2.25 03-Jan-2006: Added MinimizeAppUnderMouse, KeystrokeLClick, KeystrokeRClick, KeystrokeMClick commands to default.xml and strings.xml
2.24 28-Dec-2005: Added G5/G7 Richard's and NoAppOverrides defaults
2.23 15-Dec-2005: Added F17 to do immediate Shift+Click via Mouse_all_macros.ahk, and added MX600 Amnesia support (replace the Mini's 1000049.xml file with "1000049 MX600 Amnesia.xml" and re-load SetPoint to enable. (Mostly) Fixes MX600's that think they are Mini's).
2.22 10-Dec-2005: Added diNovo MediaPad
2.21 10-Dec-2005: Updated default.xml and strings.xml to work with SetPoint 2.47 (adds VOLUMEUPRepeat, VOLUMEDOWNRepeat, BrowserStop, BrowserRefresh, WindowsKey, StartMenu functions)
2.20 30-Nov-2005: Added RX300 mouse
2.19 26-Nov-2005: Added V270 Bluetooth notebook mouse and V400 Laser Cordless notebook mouse
2.18 20-Nov-2005: Added MX3000 Laser keyboard
2.17 19-Nov-2005: Added EX100, EX110, and Media Elite keyboards
2.16 15-Nov-2005: Added S510 Cordless keyboard (Thanks to Igor R and Thomas Lau for testing)
2.15 15-Nov-2005: Added "Keys:MCE Green Button (Win+Alt+Enter)" (for Thomas Lau)
2.14 13-Nov-2005: Added S510 Media Remote (thanks to Igor R for testing); changed Richard's defaults (set middle button in iexplore.exe to Shift+Click via AutoHotkey)
2.13 09-Nov-2005: Added AutoHotkey macro for "Double Click with hold" and relabeled "Keys:F18" to "Keys:F18 (AutoHotkey Double Click with hold)" (as requested by Phil)
2.12 08-Nov-2005: Added option to continue anyway if SetPoint is not found when installing (allows XP x64 install for now); Added more AutoHotkey macros (for Shift/Ctrl+Click, Mouse4, and Mouse5); labeled F19-F24 for what AutoHotkey macro they trigger if loaded
2.11 03-Nov-2005: Added AppOverrides for Forward/Back in Maxthon (maxthon.exe)
2.10 30-Oct-2005: Added AppOverrides for Forward/Back in SlimBrowser (sbrowser.exe) also found a few that didn't have the entries for firefox.exe/opera.exe
2.09 27-Oct-2005: Fixed MX5000's F9-F12 and enabled on-screen messages like the other keyboards have (by setting OSD="0" instead of "1" in 200003A.xml).
2.08 26-Oct-2005: Added "Keys:F13" thru "Keys:F24" actions (for use with AutoHotkey, etc. Thanks to LogiGamerian for the inspiration)
2.07 23-Oct-2005: Added MX5000 for Bluetooth keyboard (thanks to Alan Ashendorf for testing) and diNovo keyboards (Cordless FastRF, Media Bluetooth, and Media Bluetooth Laser)
2.06 21-Oct-2005: Fixed MX610's defaults to work better with SetPoint 2.44; added "Keys:Start Menu (Ctrl+Esc)", "Keys:Windows key (Win)", and "Keys:Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc)"
2.05 15-Oct-2005: Support for MX1000 for Bluetooth
2.04 07-Oct-2005: Updated default.xml, strings.xml, MX610, and G7 to work with SetPoint 2.42a; added more entries to Richard's Defaults (better control of BSPlayer skip, and I got an MX610); Changed defaults for MX518 to Forward/Back instead of Generic Button as Generic Button is not compatible with application-specific settings
2.03 23-Sep-2005: Fixed volume_up.png <-> volume_down.png for LX700 keyboard, corrected "Keys:Previous Tab (Ctrl+Shift+F6)" didn't show Shift (thanks to Jussi from Finland for the report)
2.02 01-Sep-2005: Support for Wheel Mouse, Cordless Mini, G5, G7, LX5, LX7, MX600, and MX610 mice.
2.00b 21-Aug-2005: Placed all the uberOptions packs together in a self-installer.
1.90 04-Jul-2005: SetPoint 2.40 update: Added AppTier="2" to enable program selection in SetPoint and updated default.xml to support SetPoint 2.40. Renamed functions to group them. Added "Keys:Explore My Computer (Win+E)", "Keys:Next Tab (Ctrl+F6)", and "Keys:Previous Tab (Ctrl+F6)"
1.81 10-May-2005: Added "Close Application Under Mouse (Middle Click, Alt+F4)" to default.xml
1.80 09-May-2005: Updated default.xml to support SetPoint 2.31
1.70 24-Apr-2005: Added AppOverrides on buttons 4 and 5 for opera.exe Alt+Left and Alt+Right to fix Back/Forward in Opera 8
1.60 16-Apr-2005: Added "Winamp Rewind (Ctrl+Alt+Left)" and "Winamp Forward (Ctrl+Alt+Right)" actions with OSD to default.xml To use, enable Winamp Global Hotkeys in Winamp 5 and set device buttons to the new actions.
1.51 31-Mar-2005: Re-ordered buttons to match logical order
1.50 27-Mar-2005: Added "Double Left-Arrow", "Double Right-Arrow", "Double Up-Arrow", "Double Down-Arrow" actions and SetPoint 2.30 support to default.xml
1.40 24-Mar-2005: Added "Minimize All (Win+M)", "Undo Minimize All (Win+Shift+M)", "Show Desktop (Win+D)" actions to default.xml
1.30 16-Mar-2005: Added "Lock Computer (Win+L)" action to default.xml
1.00 07-Mar-2005: (first public release).

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